Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8 2018 Auditions & Direct Registration Open

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19 Responses

  1. Bishal sarkar says:

    I want to participate in dadagiri season 8 .my name is Bishal sarkar

  2. Golam Dastagir Mollah (North 24 PGS) says:

    আমি বারাসাত রেল পাটি দিয়ে টিউশন এ য়াওয়ার সময় দেখতে পাই রেল লাইন এর পাটি ফাঁকা হয়েছে তখন আমি আমার লাল সাট দিয়ে গাডি ধামিয়ে ফেলি পরে কাজের লোক এসে মেরামতি করে ফলে পুনোরাই চালু হয়।

  3. papiya dey says:

    i am in interested in dadagiri unlimited season 8 please give me a chance

  4. swapan maity says:

    I am Swapan maity form purba medinipur

  5. Md.Nokib uddin says:

    I want to participted this dadagiri 2018

  6. Anita roy says:

    Dada amar ma er dadagiri te ashar icche ache… Plz amar maa 3 bochor dhore try korche but ekhono ektao chance pacche naa

  7. Sagnik Basak says:

    I’m Sagnik Basak..a fan of dada..I’m eagerly waiting to go for dadagiri unlimited…my hobby and passion is to play cricket..I’m a right handed fast bowler…plzz dada give me a chance..plzz

  8. Raunak Das says:

    My son Raunak Das want to participate,age 12,class-VI
    Plz contact me

  9. Manashi Ghosh says:

    Hi.. Myself Manashi I am a nurse and I’m a good fan of dadagiri…i try to watch all episodes of dadagiri but sometime I didn’t…my request to dadagiri team to arrange one or two episodes with nurses of
    different hospital…
    If you people organise program with doctors, singers,actors..then why not nurses…
    Please think about it….
    I want to participate this dadagiri…

  10. Aniket Bhattacharya says:

    I went to participad this dadagiri


    I Want to Participate in Dadagiri Season 8

  12. TUHIN MAITY says:

    I want to join dadagiri

  13. SELIM YUSUF says:

    I joing to Dadaji!

    • SELIM YUSUF says:

      I joing to Dadaji!my hobby and passion is to play cricket..I’m a right handed fast bowler…plzz dada give me a chance..plzz

  14. SELIM YUSUF (Nadia) says:

    Dear দাদা,,
    chato balai taka khoub yaccha challie j dasher haya keacho korbo, specially Dada muthan postman Hawa,my hobby and passion is to play cricket, I am right hand batting and bowling,plzz dada give me a chance..plzz plzz plzz…….

  15. Sneha Som says:

    I am Sneha Som.I am a student of bengali honours.I am from howrah.I want to participate in dadagiri season8.

  16. Jyotirmoy dutta says:

    Ami dadagiri te participate korte chai kintu ki vabe korbo?

  17. Raju Das says:

    I want to participate in this season .

  18. Paltan Halder Arpon says:

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you are fine.
    I’m Paltan Halder (Arpon) from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to participate in DADAGIRI for any season. I know it’s not for me cause of i’m simple person and I can’t perfect person in this stage, How ever it’s my hope today or tomorrow I will participate at DADAGIRI just see to you face to face. So if possible from your side then pls help me get the one chance. But for me if you feel any problem then sorry sir. I love you so much so I request to you as a brother.

    Sir, I wish happy life and take care on your health. Sir, my hope I work on poor & helpless people in our society, but how can manage I don’t understand so pls pry for me also pry for our country. All the best
    My mail:, Phone- 01983-707751

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