Splitsvilla Audition 2018

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9 Responses

  1. Al Mahfuz Barbhuiya says:

    I m from Assam silchar that places should be vey small city I m very poor family but my dream are very big so I proved in my self I ‘ll do anything (Assam) in my life no one giving me one chance so I need only one chance.

  2. Al Mahfuz Barbhuiya says:

    Mai ak chota sa gow se hu bachpan se aaj tak mai aapna family dek raha hu but mai Assam silchar se rahena wala hu mera dream hai REALITY SHOW mai jana magar ham jaysa logh ko mokha nei milta hai, bare bare financialy strong un lokg ko mokha milta hai kabhi tho ham jayse lokh ko mokha tho do I ‘ll do anything (from Assam)

  3. Al Mahfuz Barbhuiya says:

    My dream hai REALITY SHOW mai jana magar mai Assam ka ak chota gow se rahena wala hu bachpan se ak tak mai aapna family dek raha hu zindagi mai kabhi v ak v chance nei mila , bare bare financialy strong lokh ko milta hai ham jaysa Assam garib gow se rahena wale ko nei milta hai give me only one chance

  4. user friendly (as-aided to fill )

  5. ashutosh says:

    i want become a acteres ,i want play task like prince sir ,#i want give my best any challenge#

  6. Ankit says:

    I m Ram Show model, love to see movie, and learn to Acton acting dancing, hobby to watch slpilvilaa always, my to once I god give Me 1 chance to win splutvila,

  7. Kumar says:

    I hve good experience about acting, dancing, really don’t know about splitvillas what can I say? But people crazy to watch this daily soap, thats why join only.

  8. Umar Hussain says:

    Hey sir and mam give me a chance plz

  9. Umar Hussain says:

    Hey sir and mam please give me a chance 9899412256

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